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Geology Walk and Beery Walks in north Norfolk 2018

North Norfolk has a fascinating landscape and the Northfolk Project has established a strong public following over more than 25 years. Join one of Martin Warren's renowned Geology Walks and let your imagination rip as we journey back in time.

Again this year there are not just Geology Walks but also two Beery Walks that include tastings of beer from Poppyland Microbrewery. Whatever the weather we shall find lots to interest us and due to the local microclimate - or is it the tides? - we are often miraculously blessed with fine weather on our geology walks.

There will be as little jargon as possible, so the walks are suitable for everyone over 8 years old. There is a mix of distances and challenges too but none are really taxing for reasonably fit people. We cover an enormous span of time and we will transport you to lost worlds that have been rediscovered through the wonders of geological science. Find out about our world of contrasts - variously, a greenhouse world and an ice house world, with rising and falling sea-levels, waxing and waning forests and ice-sheets. See the river deposits that tell us about the time when Norfolk was 'big game' country. See the glacial deposits from when Norfolk resembled the Arctic. Stand on an ancient sea bed. Find out how the lumps and bumps in the landscape came to be that way they are. It is essential that you book in advance, especially for the Beery Walks, as this is a legal requirement if I am providing beer.

Great weather just seems to happen on our walks
Children over 8 are welcome but don't let that put adults off; there are seldom a lot of children and they are always well behaved.

Geology and Beery Walks in 2018 (click on links for details)

March 30Good FriWest Runton east to Wood Hill1.30pm-4.15Easy beach walkEmail to book
April 2Easter MonOverstrand-Sidestrand1.30pm-4.15More challengingEmail to book
April 15SunWest Runton west to Beeston Hill1.30pm-4.15Easy beach+steps+hill climb walkEmail to book
April 29SunHappisburgh hominins1.30pm-4.15Easy beach walkEmail to book
May 7Bank Hol MonCromer Ridge from Roman Camp1.30pm-5.00Ridge walk with hills and beerEmail to book
May 16WedSheringham westwards1.30pm-4.15Stony beach + hill climbEmail to book
May 28Bank Hol MonWest Runton east to Wood Hill1.30pm-4.15Easy beach walkEmail to book
July 14SatOverstrand - Sidestrand1.30pm-4.15More challengingEmail to book
July 27FriWest Runton east to Wood Hill1.30pm-4.15Easy beach walkEmail to book
August 12SunHunstanton1.30pm-4.15Easy beach walkEmail to book
August 27Bank Hol MonWest Runton east to Wood Hill1.30pm-4.15Easy beach walkEmail to book
September 2SunCromer-Felbrigg1.30pm-5.15Long circular walk with beerEmail to book
September 12WedHappisburgh hominins1.30pm-4.15Easy beach walkEmail to book
October 24WedWest Runton east to Wood Hill1.30pm-4.15Easy beach walkEmail to book
October 28SunOverstrand - Sidestrand1.30pm-4.15More challengingEmail to book

These dates are provisional and should be confirmed when you make a booking. This listing is the definitive. Listings by third parties may contain errors and omissions, so please beware. Cancellations and alterations will be announced here first.

Follow me on Twitter

Keep up to date with news from the coast and announcements about Geology Walks on Twitter. Search for @cliff_bunny and follow me. I have another account @poppylandbeer for my beery exploits.

Booking is important

Tickets are paid for on the day:
Geology Walks £6.00 adults, £3.00 children and includes a b/w handout (which you can download in colour from this site).
Beery Walks are £15 for those having beer, £6 for abstainers; over 18s only please.
Booking is essential for licensing reasons, to help me gauge the size of audience, number of handouts, whether a helper is needed for safety and so on.
You cannot have any beer unless you are booked online in advance.

Please book online to book your place (using the links above), or for last minute Geology Walk bookings you may call

01263 513992 (or mobile 07887 389804)

and tell us your name, the date of the walk, how many walkers and your mobile number and email address. Your mobile number is only used to contact you in case of a last minute problem.


Please come adequately dressed. It's really important that you are well prepared for whatever the weather may bring. Bring extra clothing, just in case.

The beach is rocky and wet in places, so please:

Do wrap up well; some people come without adequate coats and hats. It can be cooler on the beach than you think, even in summer and we want you to enjoy yourself, not shiver.

Inclement weather

While the walks have a really remarkable record of getting fine weather, there is always the chance of a really bad day. I work on the principal that there is no such thing as bad weather, only inadequate clothing. We can still have fun, even in the rain. But if it really is that bad we can take a vote on what to do. In the event of bad weather the leader will always turn up at the starting point.


I love dogs but in my experience dogs don't understand the geology. They get bored and there are often other dogs on the beach to get them excited. Then they bark and I can't compete, so I recommend you don't bring them on Geology Walks. I think dogs will be less of a problem on Beery Walks, so I will permit them.

Group bookings

Geological societies, special interest groups, schools and colleges: do you need a leader for a field trip? Contact me to discuss your requirements. I can design itineraries, help find accommodation and organise transport.

Handouts in colour

Click on the images to download colour versions of the handouts provided on the walks. These are in printable PDF format (for non-commercial use only).

Follow up or preview

Visit the Field Guide to North Norfolk Geology to make a virtual visit to either preview a walk or to recap when you get home.

Free downloads

Simple A4 handouts by Martin Warren

Chalk Around Cromer (pdf - 166kB)
Cromer Forest Bed (pdf - 196kB)
Flint around Cromer (pdf - 170kB)

Tide times at Cromer

The Geological Walks programme is timed to coincide with the most favourable tides, that is on or just after a full moon or new moon. At these times tidal range is at its maximum (some are bigger than others) and high water will be around 8 o'clock in the morning. Therefore low tide will occur in the afternoons, ideal for our walks. You can check the tide times at Cromer for today and the next few days at this link

Cromer Tide Times

Norfolk Fossil Finds

To help people identify their fossil finds from Norfolk beaches and elsewhere there is a public Facebook group 'Norfolk fossil finds', where you can join up (for free) and post images of your specimens and other members of the group will offer opinions on their identity.

See: Norfolk fossil finds Facebook page

Geological Society of Norfolk

Monthly meetings - field trips in the summer, indoor meetings in the winter. For amateurs and professionals alike. If you enjoy geology, join the Geological Society of Norfolk. Website:

Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB)

Tim Holt-Wilson has produced some very accessible guides to the Geological Landscapes of the Norfolk Coast

See also: UK Fossils website.