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Geology Walk 4: Happisburgh

Walk 4: Happisburgh

The beleaguered village of Happisburgh has much to fascinate: its battle with the sea, the ice age geology, the lighthouse, shipwrecks, the church, pub and village architecture. But since the year 2000 it has also become the site of intense research into Britain's unrivalled Palaeolithic archaeology. It has yielded wonderful evidence for the earliest inhabitants of northern Europe, who lived on the banks of a great river, believed to be the proto-Thames. They also left behind sensational footprints in the mud some 900,000 years ago. They were briefly revealed in 2013 before being washed away by the tide: the oldest human footprints outside of Africa.

For meeting point SEE THE SECTION BELOW. There is a b/w handout to accompany this walk (download in colour available below). Here is a link to the field guide for the Happisburgh section if you want a preview of the geology. Note that advice in the field guide about parking may not be the meeting point for this Geology Walk.

Geology Walks: dates for Walk 4 at Happisburgh in 2017

April 26WedHappisburgh1.30pm-4.15Easy beach and village walkEmail to book
August 20SunHappisburgh1.30pm-4.15Easy beach and village walkEmail to book
October 22SunHappisburgh1.30pm-4.00Easy beach walk and village walkEmail to book

These dates are provisional and should be confirmed when you make a booking. In the event of bad weather the leader will always turn up at the starting point.

Tickets and booking

Tickets are purchased on the day, £6.00 adults, £3.00 children and includes a b/w handout (which you can download in colour from this site). Booking is important.

Please use the email links in the table listing above to book your place (preferred method),
or for last minute bookings call

01263 513992 (or mobile 07887 389804)

and tell us your name, the date of the walk, how many walkers and your mobile number and email address. Your mobile number is only used to contact you in case of a last minute problem.

See below for the meeting place.


Please come adequately dressed. It's really important that you are well prepared.

The beach is rocky and wet in places, so please:

Do wrap up well; some people come without adequate coats and hats. It can be chilly on the beach, even in summer and we want you to enjoy yourself, not shiver.

Inclement weather

While the walks have a really remarkable record of getting fine weather, there is always the chance of a really bad day. I work on the principal that there is no such thing as bad weather, only inadequate clothing. We can still have fun, even in the rain. But if it really is that bad we can take a vote on what to do. In the event of bad weather the leader will always turn up at the starting point.


I love dogs but in my experience they don't understand geology. They can get bored and there are often other dogs on the beach to get them excited. Then they bark and I can't compete, so I recommend you don't bring them.

Happisburgh meeting place

For the Happisburgh Walk the meeting point is in the pay and display car park, at the end of Beach Road, Happisburgh NR12 0PP (grid reference TG386308). Come at 1.15 for a 1.30pm start. There is a characterful and historic pub, The Hill House Inn, near the church.

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