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Double Sepoy DIPA

Indo-American Double IPA
Bottle conditioned, in 330 ml, crown capped.
Release date 22.10.2017.

Brewed on: 15.9.2017 Bottled: October 2017

With more than half of the earlier batch of Sepoy IPA sold in cask (Norwich Beer Festival, The Plasterers Arms in Norwich, and the new micropub in North Walsham, the Hopin) I felt I needed to brew that IPA again for the bottle and to give the Conan yeast another outing to see if its attenuation (just 68% for Sepoy IPA) would improve (it did). On this occasion I decided to aim for an 8% double IPA in the vein of Heady Topper from the Alchemist, from the 'Vermont Ale' yeast is said to come.

I upped everything - the malt, the hops and up-rated the Curry Leaves by using fresh ones, as I had by then found a source in Norwich (Desh supermarket, Magdelen Street). On its second outing the re-used Whitelabs Vermenot Ale yeast performed much better and achieved the desired 8% with little difficulty (79% attenuation). I bottled some after three weeks with the last bottling session when it was 35 days old.

The outcome didn't disappoint: a intense hoppiness dominated (71 IBU by calculation), with an overlay of aromatic spices and yet the yeast permitted the considerable malt bill to show through and the beer was well balanced (imho). Some may find the flavour just too overpowering but many loved it.

What the customers say

"Interesting flavour rich of lime and spicy...not so much fruity and hoppy." Enrico B., Untappd

"DIPA that I was expecting. Bloody good." Jake C., Untappd

"Oh my! This is delicious, and totally unique as you would expect from Mr Warren." Cathy R., Untappd

"Oh man thats full flavoured." James W., Untappd

"Cask. Very much a stronger version of Sepoy, same flavour profile just magnfied." Andrew E., Untappd

...and to show you can't win them all:

"Very interesting and unique beer. I like it but I don't love it. The lime and curry leaves are too overwhelming but somehow it kinda works." Sebastiaan V.

"I just don't know.." Neil G., Untappd

"I wanted to love this. Not worth the walk unfortunately." Jason P., Untappd

Martin Warren, The Poppyland Brewer