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Indian Summer

Saison IPA 7.2%
Bottle conditioned, in 375 ml and 750 ml botles.
Release date 24 August 2013.

Brewed on: 23 July 2013. Bottled: August 2013

Tasting notes

Golden colour. Grapefruit aroma. Intense, luscious, mouth-puckering hops hit you immediately. The bitterness is combined with complex citrus fruit flavours and a wild note from the yeast which, when combined with the delicious flavour of the Maris Otter malt, makes your mouth water. This beer is huge and dry and it is difficult not to chug it down because of the sledgehammer citrus zest but at 7.2% it needs to be drunk more slowly, swilling the beer around your mouth to savour all that it has to offer before swallowing it off and coming back for another gulp. It is long: the hoppy bitterness and fruit flavours will linger on the tongue for ages.

Brewed with pale Maris Otter malt, high colour Munich, oats and malted wheat and sucrose. Hopped with Ella, Centennial, Cascade, Columbus and Summit. Fermented with a Belgian saison yeast (WLP565). OG 1061 PG 1008, strength 7.2% after bottle conditioning. Estimated bitterness 55.2 IBU but probably much more.

This beer is produced without the use of any finings, filtering or pasteurisation, so all the flavours of the ingredients are preserved for your enjoyment.


All Beer No Belly

"Wow. More please." andy m. (Untappd)

"Good fusion of two popular beer styles -- just enough malt to balance the bitter & sour flavors." Jim A. (Untappd)

"Exciting light peppermint aroma, smooth then tangy apple bit of smokey aftertaste. Great Saison." martin m. (Untappd)

"Smokey saison ipa with a fragrant taste" John F. (Untappd)

"Light, fruity and dry. Very nice." Paddy M. (Untappd)

"Oh yes. This is what I want a saison to taste like. Hops, hops and more hops." Rich D. (Untappd)

"Wow this is unusual! Refreshing but dry and bitter! Nick C.

"Simply wonderfully fresh and vibrant. Grapefruit, passion fruit and lime juicey bitterness. Fantastic. #CAMRGB" Justin M. (Untappd)

Gluten-free status

The label states 'contains gluten' but in fact this beer was treated with an enzyme during fermentation to render it gluten-free. It has been tested and it is gluten-free (<20 ppm gluten). Feedback from sufferers of coeliac disease indicates they are able to enjoy it without any ill effects.

Coeliac sufferers' feedback:

"Very pleased to report no ill effects from the beer which I really enjoyed. Even Colin said it was a good beer! If you are brewing more I will come and purchase some for Xmas." Mrs. L.L., Acle

"Just had my second bottle and I must say your IPA is very good, if it truly is Gluten Free then you do have a winner! I like the flavours and the strength certainly comes through as a really superb strong Real Ale. Reminds me of the Ch'ti champagne beer I used to drink but I must admit it has been six years since I last tried a Ch'ti! Thank you very much for the samples, a real treat." Mr D.E., Norwich

Martin Warren, The Poppyland Brewer