Record number GP34
        Simple name gansey pattern
        Full name waves or marriage lines & machine made & vertical & commercial
        Other name Buck Craske's machine-knitted gansey
        Classified name 4.151.721
            System SHIC
        Brief description Gansey pattern, machine knitted waves or marriage lines gansey worn by 'Buck' Craske's, Sheringham fisherman; early 20th century
        Nature wearer
        Person fisherman : Craske, Buck
        Place & Sheringham & Norfolk
        Activity fishing
        Period early 20th century
        Method machine knitted
        Person knitter :
        Date 1900 = 1930
        Place & &
        Technical data  
            Note3 tension
        Note So-called waves, or marriage lines pattern, created on a machine using a 'racking bed' technique. Could be purchased from marine outfitters such as the Cosalt Depot in Beeston Road, Sheringham and seen around the Britsh Isles and across the North Sea too.
        Simple name photograph
        Full name glass plate negative
        Reference number CRRMU : 2008.14.73
        Note by Olive Edis
        Type digitised image
            Institution3 Norfolk Museums Service (Cromer Museum)
        Result pattern chart
        Reference number  
    Documentation group  
        Link shering.html
    Recorder Warren, Martin : 19.11.2017