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Faunal list of the West Runton Freshwater Bed, 2010

 1 Esox luciuspike+Boehme (2010)
 2Percidae indet.(? Gymnocephalus) ruff?+Boehme (2010)
3Perca fluviatilisperch+Boehme (2010)
 4Tinca tincatench+Boehme (2010)
 5Abramis bjoerknawhite bream+Boehme (2010)
 6Scardinius erythrophthalmusrudd+Boehme (2010)
 7Rutilus rutilusroach+Boehme (2010)
 8Leuciscus iduside+Boehme (2010)
 9Anguilla anguillacommon eel+Boehme (2010)
 10Gasterosteus aculeatusthree-spined stickleback+Boehme (2010)
 1Triturus vulgarissmooth newt+Boehme (2010)
 2Triturus n. sp.crested newta+Boehme (2010)
 3Bufo bufocommon toad+Boehme (2010)
 4Hyla arboreacommon tree frog+Boehme (2010)
 5Rana arvalismoor frog+Boehme (2010)
 6Rana (Ridibunda) sp.a water frog+Boehme (2010)
 7Rana temporariacommon frog+Boehme (2010)
 8Rana cf. R. dalmatinacf. agile frog+Boehme (2010)
 1Anguis fragilisslow worm+Boehme (2010)
 2Natrix natrixgrass snake+Boehme (2010)
 3Vipera berusadder+Boehme (2010)
 1Phalacrocorax cf. carbocormorant- Stewart (2010)
 2Cygnus sp.a swan-Stewart (2010)
 3Anser sp.a goose+Stewart (2010)
 4Anatinae spp.ducks+Stewart (2010)
 5Anatinae: 'Somateria gravipes'a ducka-Stewart (2010)
 6Grus sp., cf. Grus gruscf. common crane-Stewart (2010)
 7cf. Gallinula chloropusmoorhen-Stewart (2010)
 8Turdus sp.a thrush-Stewart (2010)
 9Sturnus sp.a starling+Stewart (2010)
 10small corvidcrow family-Stewart (2010)
 11Passeriformes indet.perching bird(s)+Stewart (2010)
Chiroptera 1Nyctalus noctulanoctule bat-Harrison and Bates (1984)
Insectivora2Sorex runtonensisa shrewa+Maul and Parfitt (2010)
 3Sorex savinia shrewa+Maul and Parfitt (2010)
 4Sorex cf. minutuspigmy shrew+Harrison and Clayden (1993)
 5Macroneomys brachygnathusa (large) shrewa-Harrison et al. (2006)
 6Neomys newtonia water shrewa+Maul and Parfitt (2010)
 7Desmana sp.a desman+Maul and Parfitt (2010)
 8Talpa minora molea+Maul and Parfitt (2010)
 9Talpa europaeacommon mole+Maul and Parfitt (2010)
 10Erinaceus sp.a hedgehog-Maul and Parfitt (2010)
Primates11Macaca sylvanusBarbary macaqueb-Hinton (1908)
Lagomorpha12Lepus sp.a hare-Mayhew (1975)
Rodentia 13Sciurus whiteiba squirrela-Hinton (1914)
 14Castor fiberbeaver+Mayhew (1979)
 15Trogontherium cuvieribeaver-like rodenta-Mayhew (1978)
 16Cricetus runtonensisa hamstera+Maul and Parfitt (2010)
 17Cricetulus migratoriusc Greydwarf hamster-Maul and Parfitt (2010)
 18Pliomys episcopalisa volea+Maul and Parfitt (2010)
 19Clethrionomys hintonianusa bank volea+Maul and Parfitt (2010)
 20Mimomys savinia water volea+Maul and Parfitt (2010)
 21Microtus 'arvalinus'a volea+Maul and Parfitt (2010)
 22Microtus gregaloidesa volea+Maul and Parfitt (2010)
 23Microtus arvalidensa volea+Maul and Parfitt (2010)
 24Microtus ratticepoidesa volea+Maul and Parfitt (2010)
 25Apodemus sylvaticuswood mouse+Maul and Parfitt (2010)
Carnivora26Canis mosbachensisa small wolfa-not described in detail, listed Stuart (1981)
 27Xenocyon lycaonoidesa wild doga-Jonathan Stewart coll., unpublished
 28Lutra simplicidensan ottera+Willemsen (1992)
 29Pannonictis pliocaenicaa small mustelida-not described in detail, listed Stuart (1981)
 30Martes martespine marten-not described in detail, listed Stuart (1981)
 31Mustela nivalisweasel-not described in detail, listed Stuart (1981)
 32Mustela ermineastoat-not described in detail, listed Stuart (1981)
 33Ursus sp.a beara+Lewis et al. (2010)
 34Crocuta crocutaspotted hyaena+Lewis et al. (2010)
 35cf. Pachycrocuta brevirostris'giant' hyaenaa+Parfitt and Larkin (in press)
 36Felis sp.a serval-like cat+Lewis et al. (2010)
 37Felis cf. lunensisa small cata+Lewis et al. (2010)
 38cf. Lynx sp.a lynx+Lewis et al. (2010)
 39Panthera leolion-Lewis et al. (2010)
 40Panthera gombaszoegensis'European jaguar'a-Lewis et al. (2010)
 41Homotherium latidensa sabretootha-Lewis et al. (2010)
Proboscidea42Mammuthus trogontheriia mammotha+Lister and Stuart (2010)
Perissodactyla43Equus cf. suessenbornensislarge stenonid horsea+Lister et al. (2010)
 44Equus cf. altidenssmall stenonid horsea-Lister et al. (2010)
 45Stephanorhinus hundsheimensisa rhinoa+Breda et al. (2010)
 46Stephanorhinus sp. A aff. S. etruscus/hundsheimensisa rhinoa-Breda et al. (2010)
 47Stephanorhinus sp. B aff. S. etruscus/hundsheimensisa rhinoa-Breda et al. (2010)
Artiodactyla48Sus scrofawild boar-Lister et al. (2010)
 49Dama sp.a fallow deera+Lister et al. (2010)
 50Praemegaceros verticornisa giant deera+Lister et al. (2010)
 51Megaloceros savinia giant deera-Lister et al. (2010)
 52Cervalces latifronsan elk/moosea-Lister et al. (2010)
 53Cervus elaphusred deer-Lister et al. (2010)
 55Capreolus capreolusroe deer+Lister et al. (2010)
 56Bison cf. schoetensackia bisona+Breda et al. (2010)

a extinct taxon.
b 'Monkey Gravel' only.
c 'Bed g' only
+ in WRM excavation
- not in WRM excavation


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