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Published books:

Poppyland Publishing

Book cover of Crabs and Shannocks Crabs and Shannocks. The Longshore Fishermen of North Norfolk. Peter Stibbons, Kitty Lee and Martin Warren. Poppyland Publishing, 1983. Book design, line drawings and one chapter on ganseys.
Cromer: The Chronicle of a Watering Place. Martin Warren. Poppyland Publishing, 1993 (reprinted 2001)Book cover of Cromer Chronicle of a Watering Place

Alan Sutton Publishing

Book cover of Around CromerAround Cromer. Martin Warren. Alan Sutton Publishing, 1998 (republished 2001)

Sheringham Museum Trust

Sheringham Ganseys. People, Places, Patterns. Rita Taylor, Lesley Lougher, Jan Hillier, Ken Holloway and Martin Warren. Edited by Ron Wiebe. Second edition 2019. Book cover of Sheringham Ganseys