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A Good Knitting/Reading Lamp

Knitting fine navy coloured yarn on fine needles isn't so easy, especially working indoors in dull weather or in the evenings. Old knitters would work out of doors of course but quite possibly, having mastered the abbreviated movements when using a knitting sheath they wouldn't need to look so much at their knitting. But modern knitters have often said to me that they struggle to see what they are doing. So I recommend that for the sake of their eyesight, as well as their state of mind, they should invest in a good lamp. I don't mean just an ordinary table or standard lamp but a lamp specifically designed for reading and close work. Val Smith says:

"When I first joined the Textile group at Sheringham Museum I struggled to knit with navy yarn without natural daylight. I now have a 'Serious Readers' lamp which enables me to work as soon as daylight fades or when the day is particularly gloomy and even after dark. It has made such a difference with no strain to my eyes. I highly recommend these lamps for either reading or craft work."

The brightness of the lamp, and the quality of the light are important and help to protect your eyes from strain and to see detail more easily. Good lamps are not cheap but are worth the expense and will doubtless have other uses than just for knitting.