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Norfolk gansey patterns

Other ganseys

Here are some other ganseys for comparison with the Norfolk examples elsewhere on this site.

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Jenny Griffin's Bridlington gansey, hand knitted in Flamborough

GP72 Jenny Griffin's moss stitch meshes and columns gansey Flamborough, Yorkshire
Jenny Griffin's Flamborough gansey

Ernest Shackleton's gansey worn on Antarctic expeditions

Ernest Shackleton rented a house for a while on the Boulevard in Sheringham and was a frequent visitor to Cromer, hosted by Oliver Locker-Lampson at Newhaven Court.

GP37 Ernest Shackleton's basketweave gansey pre 1914 Ernest Shackleton in his gansey

Wherryman's Gansey, Norfolk Broads

GP96 A wherryman's seeds and bars with cables gansey Norfolk & Suffolk Broads
about 1900 - 1920 (?)
A wherryman wearing a  seeds and bars with cables gansey

Wildfowler's Gansey, Cley-next-the-Sea

GP33 Curly Catlin's machine-knitted wildfowler's gansey Cley-next-the-Sea
about 1920 - 1940 (?)
Curly Catlin's immitation seeds and bars gansey No chart