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List of mammals from the pre-glacial Pleistocene of the Norfolk and Suffolk coasts

The Norfolk coast has long been famous for the number and variety of vertebrates that are preserved in the Cromer Forest-bed and Wroxham Crag Formations. These strata span parts of the Lower and Middle Pleistocene and contain long hiatuses. During this long period we can see the evolution of the fauna, changing from the older "Villefranchian" type to a more modern looking Middle Pleistocene fauna, through migration and extinction. I have assembled a list of the mammal species from a variety of sources, to create a table of species organised by their taxonomy and by their find localities as they are lined up along the coast from northwest to southeast. I have done this largely for my own benefit but thought it might be useful if I shared it on the Northfolk Project website. You can download the latest version of the table here as a PDF file here: